Production work areas

Okmetic manufactures silicon wafers in a continuous three-shift operation in clean, high-tech industrial facilities using state-of-the-art production equipment. Below is a list of some of the areas you might work in.

Crystal growing

High-purity, semiconductor-grade silicon is melted in a crystal growing furnace and grown into a single crystal. The crystal is then cut into smaller sections for further processing. The work involves controlling and monitoring the furnace processes as well as assisting with the different stages of these processes. These tasks require concentration, precision and initiative. IT skills are needed for operating the furnaces and monitoring the processes, as well as for making measurements and adjustments.

Wafer slicing

Silicon ingots are taken into wafering facilities where they are sliced into wafers. Other tasks include various measurements and adjustments as well as taking care of operator-based equipment maintenance. Keeping the saws in good working order requires initiative and problem-solving skills. Foreign language and IT skills are needed for using software applications, for example.


There are a number of stages in wafer processing that take place in clean rooms of different classes. Silicon wafer batches are processed further, rinsed and inspected using a variety of automatic or semi-automatic equipment. The tasks involved in the different processing stages require precision and the ability to use different types of machines and measuring devices. Basic IT skills are needed for quality control tasks and for operating the equipment.