Working at Okmetic

Okmetic personnel

In 2017, Okmetic employed on average 386 people, of which 376 worked in Vantaa, Finland. White-collar employees accounted for 36% and blue-collar employees for 64% of the personnel. The share of women was 27% and the share of men 73%. The average age of Okmetic’s employees was 44 years.

Okmetic has for many years systematically worked to improve the competencies and wellbeing of its employees, since people are the most important asset in implementing the company’s strategy.

Competence development

Our growth and success depends on competent, motivated and satisfied employees. We invest in continuously developing the competencies and multiskillness of our people through internal and external training.

All new employees will undergo induction and orientation to give them the information they need to perform their duties. Our induction program for white-collar employees provides a comprehensive overview of our strategy, policies and functions. The blue-collar workers' thorough job orientation program has been designed with role-specific quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental requirements in mind.

Every Okmetic employee will have annual development discussions with their supervisor. Development discussions are part of Okmetic's management system and competence management proces­s, and they also serve as a basis for role-specific training plans.

Okmetic runs employee training programs that are aligned with its strategy. The purpose of continuous training is to ensure competence development in areas that are critical to achieving our targets.

Wellbeing at work

Okmetic has defined a set of objectives for promoting wellbeing at work together with employee representatives and our occupational healthcare provider and pension insurer. Every year we carry out a number of measures to achieve these targets. Examples of these include supervisor training, production worker training, guidance on ergonomics, investments in ergonomics in the working environment, and activities organized by Okmetic’s recreation committee and the senior club.