Working at Okmetic

We believe in developing our skills and people

In 2018, Okmetic employed on average 426 people, of which 416 worked in Vantaa, Finland. White-collar employees accounted for 36% and blue-collar employees for 64% of the personnel. The share of women was 28% and the share of men 72%. The average age of Okmetic’s employees was 43 years.

Okmetic’s growth and success is ultimately down to a motivated and happy workforce. We offer internal and external training, coaching and activities in order to systematically develop the skills, versatility and well-being of our people.

Training benefits you and our company

All our new employees are given appropriate orientation training. When you join our office team, you will be introduced to Okmetic's strategy, operating policies and functions. As a new member of our production team, you will benefit from our orientation program, which is based on industry-wide and role-specific quality, environmental and occupational health and safety requirements.

Your professional development is supported by annual performance reviews and tailor-made training schemes. Continuous training will strengthen your competencies and help ensure our company's critical expertise and process development.

Well-being for all

In occupational health and safety, we focus on specific targets which are identified in cooperation with staff representatives, occupational health services and the pension insurance company. Practical measures include training for line managers and production workers, ergonomic guidelines and acquisitions, and activities organized by our recreation committee and seniors’ club.