Okmetic as a listed company in 2000-2016

Okmetic’s strategy in a nutshell

Okmetic’s strategic objective is profitable growth driven by a product portfolio designed to meet customers' current and future technology needs. The core of our operations is being genuinely close to our customers and understanding their needs and processes.
Our strategic focus area is tailor-made, high value-added silicon wafers for the manufacture of sensors as well as discrete semiconductors and analog circuits.
Okmetic’s global sales network, extensive portfolio of high value-added products, in-depth knowledge of crystal growing, long-term product development projects, as well as efficient and flexible production create prerequisites for profitable growth.

Okmetic's current strategic objectives are encapsulated in the following six challenges we need to tackle:

  • Increasing the share of high value-added wafers in our net sales
  • Pursuing customer growth across all market areas and strengthening our presence in the Asian market
  • Investing in capacity and R&D to support our key technologies: 200 mm wafer technology, SOI manufacturing technology and crystal growing technology, which enables us to make products with high or low resistivity
  • Enhancing the flexibility of our production capacity (in-house production and fab lite)
  • Enhancing the competencies, multiskillness and wellbeing of our personnel
  • Continuously improving our efficiency

Operating environment

Okmetic supplies silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry. The company is a raw material supplier located early in the electronics industry’s value chain. The silicon wafer industry is highly competitive, and unit prices have been declining for years due to volume growth. Okmetic has considerable procing power only with its own special products.

Of the whole semiconductor market, Okmetic operates in three areas:


  • Estimated value in 2016: 9 billion US dollars (source WSTS)
  • Estimated value of silicon utilized in 2016: 250 million US dollars (source WSTS)
  • Estimated TAM (total addressable market) for Okmetic: 200 million US dollars

Discrete semiconductors

  • Estimated value in 2016: 19 billion US dollars (source WSTS)
  • Estimated value of silicon utilized in 2016: 500 million US dollars (source WSTS)
  • Estimated TAM for Okmetic: 300 million US dollars

Analog circuits

  • Estimated value in 2016: 47 billion US dollars (source WSTS)
  • Estimated value of silicon utilized in 2016: 1,320 million US dollars (source WSTS)
  • Estimated TAM for Okmetic: 500 million US dollars

Global growth drivers

The use of sensors and their requirement level are expected to keep growing owing to proliferation of sensor applications in the automotive industry, industrial process control and in portable devices like smart phones, cameras, game consoles, and wearable electronics. In the future, a central growth driver for the sensor industry will be the Internet of Things, which will utilise sensor-produced data in communication between devices.

In the discrete semiconductor and analog circuit market, areas for growth include, among others, components used in the production of renewable energy, increasing automotive electronics, electric cars, portable consumer products, as well as different solutions related to power supply and efficiency improvement.