Executive management group

In addition to the president, Okmetic group’s executive management group consists of the possible deputy to the president and specific senior vice presidents appointed by and reporting to the president. The executive management group currently comprises six members. The senior vice president, human resources, IT and quality acts as secretary for the executive management group.

The executive management group comprises:


The executive management group assists the president in managing the group. The company’s executive management group plans, implements, and monitors the group’s operative business and related decisions based on the guidelines and objectives set by the board of directors. 

Main duties of the executive management group include setting operative targets, drawing up the yearly action plan and budget, deciding on investments in accordance with the investment plan approved by the board of directors, monitoring business, operating environment and , and the implementation of operative decisions. The executive management group addresses strategic matters, short-term and long-term plans, revisions of such plans, and other issues that have significance in terms of managing the group. Furthermore, the executive management group prepares matters to be addressed by the board of directors.

Headed by the president, the executive management group convenes regularly once a month. In addition to regular meetings, the executive management group meets specifically to discuss the strategy, operations planning, results, management reviews, and to other topics if needed.