General meeting

The general meeting has the ultimate power in the company. The tasks of the meeting have been defined in the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and Okmetic’s articles of association.

In accordance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, the general meeting decides on adopting of the financial statements, distribution of profit, discharging of the board of directors as well as the president and deputy to the president from liability, increasing or decreasing share capital, amending the articles of association, and the appointment and remuneration of the board of directors and the auditors.

The general meeting usually convenes once a year. The annual general meeting shall be held no later than on 30 June. The board of directors convenes the general meeting according to the articles of association and Finnish Corporate Governance Code. If necessary the company can convene an extraordinary general meeting. The notice to the general meeting is published on the company website or in one or more newspapers with a wide circulation area selected by the board of directors, or it will be delivered to the shareholder by registered mail or handed to the shareholder against receipt no earlier than three months and no later than three weeks in advance of the general meeting, however always at least nine days prior to the record date of the general meeting. In addition, Okmetic publishes the notice as a stock exchange release. 

A shareholder has the right to raise a specific issue at the general meeting provided that a written request to that effect is lodged with the board of directors sufficiently early to allow it to be included in the agenda appended to the notice of the general meeting.

The right to participate in the general meeting applies to shareholders who are included in the shareholders’ register maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd. on the record date of the general meeting. Okmetic Oyj has one class of shares. Each share entitles its holder to one vote at a general meeting. The company’s shares are included in the Finnish book-entry securities system.

The president and a sufficient amount of board members are present at the general meeting. A  first-time candidate for the board of directors must participate in the general meeting where his/her appointment is decided unless there is a very weighty reason to justify his/her absence. The auditor is present at the annual general meeting.

The company is not aware of any shareholders’ agreements.

Annual general meeting 2016

Okmetic’s annual general meeting was held in Vantaa on 7 April 2016. Documents of the annual general meeting are available at the company website General meeting.

Extraordinary general meeting 2016

Okmetic's extraordinary general meeting was held in Vantaa on 7 July 2016. Documents of the extraordinary general meeting are available at teh company website General meeting.