President and Deputy to the President

The board of directors appoints the president and the possible deputy to the president and decides on the conditions of their terms of office.

The president is responsible for ensuring that the operations and day-to-day administration of the group are run in adherence to existing laws and regulations and in accordance with the instructions and decisions of the board of directors. The president also prepares the matters for the board meetings together with the chairman and secretary of the board. Kai Seikku, M.Sc. (Econ.) is president of the company since 25 January 2010.

The deputy to the president takes over the responsibilities of the president in case the president is unable to attend to his duties. Currently there is no designated deputy to the president in the company.

The board of directors evaluates the performance of the president on a yearly basis. This evaluation assesses the company’s result and whether the other targets set for the president by the board of directors have been met.

The executive management group supports the president in managing the group.