Research and development

Collaborative research projects

With regard to strategic research and development, Okmetic works in co-operation with both the Otaniemi research cluster in Finland and various international partners worldwide. In addition Okmetic participates in several national and EU-funded technology projects on an annual basis. These collaborative research projects help us identify future key technology trends and market changes in time to adjust our product portfolio and processes accordingly.

The focus of our research work is on new high value-added products and innovative manufacturing processes. Once the solutions have evolved into prototypes, they are introduced into Okmetic’s in-house development process.

Ideas and prototypes into products

Okmetic’s development efforts cover both product development and process development. The objective of product development is to process ideas and prototypes into products that are fit for volume production whereas process development ensures that our manufacturing processes continue to offer high performance and cost-effectiveness. Okmetic also works closely with customers on R&D in order to be able to offer products and manufacturing processes that match customers' processes and needs.

In recent years, our product development has focused on increasing our 200mm wafer capacity and capability, as well as on High Voltage SOI wafers and the incorporation of Through Silicon Vias (TSV) in C-SOI wafers. We have also made significant advances in developing a new, highly advanced SOI process, as well as in developing silicon for radio frequency (RF) applications. The biggest improvement in productivity and yield has been in SOI manufacture.