Okmetic's Jaakko Sormunen is one of the speakers at MEMS Executive Congress in Copenhagen

Jaakko Sormunen, Sales Manager, Europe at Okmetic, is a featured speaker at MEMS Executive Congress Europe in Copenhagen 9-10 March. Jaakko will present advanced capping solutions with TSV for MEMS devices. The presentation will take place in Everest Ballroom 1 on Tuesday, 10 March at 2:05 p.m.

MEMS Executive Congress Europe brings together globally recognized leaders in the area of MEMS and sensors. From algorithm and device designers to integrators and OEMs, MEMS Executive Congress Europe is the can’t-miss event of the year if you’re an executive along the MEMS and sensors supply chain. Okmetic is sponsoring the event.

Abstract of Okmetic's presentation:

Advanced capping solutions with TSV for MEMS devices

Capping of sensitive and valuable MEMS devices is not only an unavoidable cost and complication, it is also an opportunity. With the right cap wafers, complete with through silicon via (TSV) interconnects, the capping can also enable highly effective planar chip and wafer-level packaging (WLP) solutions. Combining WLP with the latest advances in bonded SOI, or cavity SOI substrates, creates the optimal starting point for the sensor production of tomorrow. Emerging and expanding smart systems are placing stringent requirements on sensor fusion and capability. Various MEMS sensors are the very core of these smart systems. The features of these sensors are not necessarily new, but the targets for sensitivity, size, and cost, plus the level of integration needed, are unprecedented. Bonded SOI wafers with thick device layers have been used for some time to enable high performance MEMS sensors in applications such as low-g accelerometers, low-drift gyroscopes, precision pressure gauges, and many others. The recent introduction of buried cavities has enabled the reduction of device size, and thus, cost, without compromising sensor precision. State-of-the-art MEMS production combines cavity SOI substrates with TSVs, and benefits from greatly simplified wafer-level packaging and heterogeneous chip integration. Both advanced capping wafers with in-built TSVs and cavity SOI (CSOI) wafers are available in volume from Okmetic, the world leader in silicon wafers for advanced MEMS manufacturing.