Product development and manufacturing

Flexible, efficient and high quality operations behind Okmetic’s success

Silicon material that is optimized to specific product designs and manufacturing processes create the basis for effective sensor and Discrete&Analog manufacturing. Okmetic’s success builds on its pioneering technological capability, competent people, right kind of product portfolio as well as efficient and flexible manufacturing process.

Strong technical expertise and synergy benefits, that allow Okmetic to use its know-how and production equipment for the manufacture of different types of products, make it possible to offer an extensive product range for the needs of multiple application areas. This is made possible by having an agile and flexible supply chain, which also holds fab-lite capacity. Okmetic manages the entire silicon wafer manufacturing process from the beginning until the end.  

Okmetic’s silicon wafers are manufactured in tightly controlled circumstances. The manufacture is controlled with a data management system that enables the monitoring of processes and tracking down of process history.

Continuous development of products and processes

Okmetic works closely with its customers to develop new products and processes as well as to boost performance in its current product offering. Okmetic applies Lean and Six Sigma methodologies  in order to improve its productivity and yield. Also Okmetic is actively involved in collaborative research with different partners.