High Resistivity RFSi® wafer line

RFSi® wafer line in 150-200mm – High Resistivity for RF application needs

Okmetic’s High Resistivity silicon wafers aimed at the RF market are optimal for all types of Acoustic Wave Filters, IPD devices, Power Amplifiers, Integrated RFIC & PA and Silicon Interposers. By using Okmetic’s superior High Resistivity silicon wafers as substrates, you can improve the electrical performance of your RF applications. The cutting-edge wafer technology reduces RF losses and provides stable “effective resistivity” over frequency range, resulting in higher Q values. The technology also helps improve linearity, minimize  intermodulation and second harmonics distortion, and reduce characteristic stress and bow. Okmetic’s Advanced MCz (Magnetic Czochralski) crystal growth recipes can customize oxygen content to increase resistivity and conductivity type stability, while still maintaining structural integrity. Read our guide "5 ways to gain a competitive edge for your RF filter and device" at the bottom of this page. 

Okmetic provides the market’s widest range of wafer thicknesses ranging from 200 to 1500 μm. Customers find the thinner options very attractive in packaging designs whereas in mixed metal lattices like GaN epi layers, the customers enjoy the benefits of the thicker substrates to offset the extreme stresses. Okmetic can customize the Resistivity, Crystal Orientation, Oxygen, and Thickness to your product or package needs.

RFSi wafers improve RF device performance and TCO and enable more ambitious device designs

  • Superior performance in 2nd harmonics, Insertion losses, Intermodular Distortion and Q-values. 
  • Engineered High Resistivity wafers replacing many earlier FZ based products.
  • Okmetic’s variety of wafer thickness and backside film options help stress management of GaN-on-Si RF Power substrates.
  • In-house process from crystal pulling and wafering to patterning and SOI gives Okmetic ability to combine technologies and offer Customers new types of value-added wafers by e.g. combining
  • C-SOI® structure with low-loss device layer material as a base for a new BAW resonator. 

Highly optimized solutions enabled by largest wafer portfolio on the market

Widest selection of wafer thicknesses and properties on the market secure highly optimized solutions and freedom of design. Okmetic's agile substrate design and optimization in R&D along with responsiveness and support from smaller order quantities to large volumes bring true value to customers. Our sales, customer support engineers, and R&D scientists work in close co-operation with customers to understand their challenges, offer potential solutions, and secure the best solution.


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