High Resistivity and Engineered High Resistivity wafers with parasitic suppression layer

Okmetic's High Resistivity silicon wafers provide an optimized platform for Low loss RF IPD or Integrated RFFE / RFIC and the Engineered High Resistivity silicon wafers are ideal for eg. RF filter and IPD applications due to the added parasitic suppression layer enabling lowest loss substrate and unforeseen performance. 

Optimized, superior performance

•Excellent results observed in both IPD and filter manufacturing.
•The engineered layer can be tailored to match the specific Customer process to maximize the gains in harmonic behavior and overall losses.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

•No need for complex implants and their effects on supply chain.
•The Engineered layer is purely silicon based, so a good fit to the existing lines. No foreign materials.

High Resistivity and Engineered High Resistivity wafer spec chart