SSP wafers

Single Side Polished wafers for wide range of applications

Our customized Single Side Polished (SSP) wafers supply a perfect platform for Discrete&Analog applications, surface MEMS, capping etc. Okmetic’s in-house crystal growing creates unparalleled capabilities for the SSP wafers and thus customer’s processes.

Crystal groving provides the foundation also for our highly doped, low-resistivity wafers that enable extremely high performing power semiconductors. Our red phosphorus wafers boast ultra-low resistivity values that reduce the on-resistance and power losses of low-voltage power MOSFETs.

SSP wafer specifications

Growth methods
Cz, MCz
150, 200 mm
Crystal orientation
<100>, <110>, <111>,off-oriented
N type dopants
arsenic, phosphorus, red phosphorus
P type dopants
<1 mOhm-cm up to over 7,000 Ohm-cm
Backside treatment
etched, polyback, LTO, polished

Okmetic Single Side Polished (SSP) wafer in 200 mm diameter is compatible even with the most demanding process lines. It has excellent thickness and flatness capabilities. Okmetic also supplies SSP wafers with non-standard thickness for special applications (6” 250-1300 µm; 8” 300-1150 µm).