This is Okmetic

Okmetic is the seventh largest silicon wafer manufacturer in the world. We supply tailor-made, high value-added silicon wafers for the manufacture of MEMS and sensors as well as discrete semiconductors and analog circuits. Products made by our customers can be found in a range of everyday applications, including smartphones, portable devices, automotive electronics, industrial process control and medical applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as different solutions related to power supply and efficiency improvement.

Okmetic has one business segment and two customer segments: Sensor wafers and Discrete&Analog wafers (D&A wafers). Same expertise, equipment and production lines can be used in a flexible way to cater for different types of products for both customer segments. Okmetic net sales is over 85 million euros.

Extensive product portfolio

Okmetic provides its customers with solutions that boost their competitiveness and profitability. Our extensive product selection offers a platform for even the most demanding applications, since the products are always customized to specific customer needs. Okmetic's wafer offering mainly comprises of 150–200 mm diameter Single Side Polished (SSP), Double Side Polished (DSP) wafers and Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers. Our products are based on high-tech expertise that generates added value for customers, on innovative product development, and on an efficient production process.

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Focus on the customer

Okmetic is looking for business growth by focusing on customers. We have a production plant in Finland and contract manufacturing in Asia. Okmetic's customers benefit from a global sales network as well as worldwide customer support: our own sales organisation serves customers in Europe, the United States, Japan, China and Hong Kong, and in addition, we have sales agents in China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Besides being globally close to the customer, Okmetic’s key competitive advantages include a flexible supply chain, an extensive product portfolio, crystal growing and SOI wafer expertise, and an extensive research partner network.