We focus heavily on research and development work

We have developed our unique technological expertise by ourselves and have always been ready to innovate and take our business operations to the next level. We also collaborate closely with the leading research institutes in the industry and customers that develop high-technology solutions.

The role of research and development work in our company has been pivotal since the beginning. Ever since we started the production of advanced silicon wafers in 1985 as pioneers, our corporate culture has been honed to support research and development. Even to this day, our values are based on customer orientation, sustainable growth, respecting and valuing others and continuous improvement of operations.

Throughout our history, we have participated in multiple national and EU-funded R&D collaboration projects together with Technical Research Centre of Finland, Aalto University, and several European research institutes and semiconductor manufacturers. In recent years, we have participated in projects that continue to create conditions for the changes in the telecommunications infrastructure (5G) or develop autonomous cars for the upcoming generations (ADAS).

We are an active operator in the EU projects of the semiconductor industry developing groundbreaking microelectromechanical systems. We are also part of the wide-scale MEMS cluster in Finland.

The focus of Okmetic’s research and development work is in the crystal growing technology, production processes of specialty wafers, and the development of wafer patterning and DRIE etching processes. Due to the efforts in these areas, we are able to deliver tailor-made SOI wafers, high resistivity RFSi® wafers and 200mm wafers in large volumes based on our customer needs.

We often collaborate with our customers starting from the beginning of the product development process all the way to the end of the life cycle. Sales and technical customer support help us identify the optimal solutions, and our agile organization in the production of fast prototypes.

The goal of product development is to work ideas and prototypes into products suitable for volume production, whereas the role of process development lies in ensuring the performance of production processes and cost-efficiency even in the future.

We are involved in many EU projects

Intelligence reliability 4.0

We are involved in the Intelligence reliability 4.0 (iRel40) project to develop the reliability of electronical components and systems with artificial intelligence. The iRel40 project aims to reduce the number of faults in the value chain, from crystal growing to product modules. In the project, Okmetic especially focuses on improving the reliability of the interface of C-SOI® wafers with machine learning and artificial intelligence.


During 2017–2020, we were involved in the AutoDrive project, which developed electronics and embedded software systems for automatic driving. The project aimed to take future driving into a safer and more efficient direction. Okmetic contributed to the project by developing strongly doped C-SOI® wafers that can be used in the new generation of sensors.


During 2018–2021, we were involved in the POSITION-II project by creating a pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants. The project aimed to integrate many scalable and open technical platforms into one production network. Okmetic contributed to the project by establishing a new patterning line, as well as developing new crystal growing technology and patterned specialty SOI wafers for the implementation of smart catheters and implants.