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The history of Okmetic

Okmetic was founded in 1985 as a result of a joint venture by mobile phone company Nokia and mining company Outokumpu. Today, the company is the seventh largest silicon wafer manufacturer in the world and technological leader in demanding silicon wafers.

We have developed our unique technology competence by ourselves, and we have always been ready to innovate and take our business operations to the next level. Learning new things, solving problems and adapting to changing circumstances have given our organization a strong belief that we are able respond to customer needs in the future as well. Demand for our silicon wafer solutions has been growing for years and we have invested heavily in expanding our plant in Vantaa, Finland.

Below you will find a list of the company’s most significant milestones:

  • 2023 France sales office established
  • 2023 Taiwan sales office established
  • 2022 Okmetic announces 400 meur investment for fab expansion in Vantaa
  • 2020 SOI wafer capacity to be doubled
  • 2019 German sales office established, production of C-SOI® wafers shifted entirely to Vantaa site
  • 2017 Okmetic invests in downstream product technology  –  Construction work at the Vantaa plant started
  • 2016 National Silicon Industry Group became the new owner, Okmetic delisted from Helsinki Stock Exchange
  • 2015 Capacity expansion for 200mm silicon wafers and advanced SOI wafers
  • 2011 Asia-Pacific sales office established
  • 2006 Sales office Okmetic K.K. founded in Japan
  • 2001 SOI wafer volume production started
  • 2000 Okmetic IPO on the Helsinki Stock Exchange
  • 1999 Sales office Okmetic Inc. founded in the USA
  • 1997 Crystal and wafer production started in Vantaa, Finland
  • 1987 First crystal and wafer fab started in Espoo, Finland
  • 1985 Foundation of Okmetic Oy, a joint venture of Nokia and Outokumpu