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Join the technology forerunners

Step into the future of technology development with Okmetic, and join us in building a smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient tomorrow.


Apply for a position as a production expert at our technology-forward production facility located in Vantaa’s Koivuhaka Fab, and experience a new level of freedom and flexibility in your life.


Step into the future of technology development with Okmetic. You will have the opportunity to build unique and globally recognised competence tailored to your strengths and professional needs.


Working with us during your studies can give you a head start in your career. We provide versatile opportunities from summer work to master’s thesis work.


As a maintenance technician, you will ensure that cutting-edge technology operates effectively. Are you the next top-notch professional who ensures the functionality of our production equipment?


Our team comprises factory service engineers whose expertise includes everything from the design of construction, HVAC, electrical, automation, and building automation projects to their implementation.


While working with our client companies, you get a unique opportunity to peek into the future. With us, you play a significant role in building global technological development.

The world around us is built on silicon

Join the forefront of technology innovation. Our professionals are building the foundation, silicon wafers, for devices that shape our daily lives – from smartphones and portable devices to medical solutions.

Discover a career in an industry that will make its mark on future technology development through Finnish expertise. Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. We don’t just keep up with the pace of change, we are pioneers in our field.

Unique, top-notch expertise developed within our house

At Okmetic, we focus on advanced and tailored silicon wafers that require expertise in high-tech semiconductor processes.

We offer you opportunities to grow and develop through challenging tasks while working with international customers.

Our people are the heart of our technology

At Okmetic, we strongly believe in the personal and professional development of every individual. Working together, we create an open and collaborative environment where everyone is valued and supported.

Each of us plays an important role in the company – together, we build success by helping, respecting, and appreciating one another.

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By 2025, we will complete a fab expansion that is expected to double the production capacity and business and create over 500 new jobs.

Despite fluctuations in demand, we are a stable and reliable employer. Thanks to long-term contracts, a diverse product portfolio and accurate demand forecasting, we have successfully avoided workforce adjustments for over a decade.

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Our recruitment team

Janne Laaksola

I have had a long career in recruitment and direct search. In addition to various technical recruitments, I am looking for e.g. sales, finance and management professionals to specialist and managerial positions. At Okmetic, I am also responsible for leading and developing recruitment operations.

Milla Vettenranta

“I have made hundreds of employee-level recruitments on the production side and have 10 years of experience in recruiting in a variety of industries. I manage the recruitments of production employees – both full-time and summer employees.”

Kaisa Saarelainen

“I have worked on recruitment and various employment tasks for 10 years. During my career, I have been recruiting employees in very different industries and through that I have gotten to know different professionals. At Okmetic I am currently hiring new specialists and maintenance employees.”