We promote technological development with our strategy

Okmetic aims to maintain its leading position in the market and grow profitably. Our unique corporate culture is based on our values: customer-orientation, collaboration, expertise, and continuous development.

We offer high-quality, high-performance silicon wafers in high volumes to our customers who are the leading companies in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, we offer excellent service and advanced customization.

Our strategy is based on the areas of our core expertise, which include

  • crystal growing
  • production of advanced specialty wafers
  • management of customer relationships
  • commercialization of product development projects

Moreover, the conditions for profitable growth are created by our a competent and motivated personnel, large product portfolio, efficient and agile supply chain, global sales network, and widespread research and collaboration network.

Our vision is to maintain a leading position as a supplier of high value-added silicon wafers for MEMS, sensors, RF filters and devices, and power devices.

We want to grow profitably together with our customers and contribute to a better tomorrow. We have also invested over 100 million euros to the Vantaa plant during the last five years in order to accelerate our growth. For instance, we have built a new patterning line and significantly increased the production capacity of SOI and high resistivity RFSi® wafers as well as our 200mm wafers. In May 2022, we announced the largest investment in the company’s history, almost 400 million euro, to construct another fab in Vantaa, Finland next to the existing one.

Additionally, we are constantly conducting product and process development work and are actively involved in research projects in the semiconductor industry.

Our unique corporate culture is based on our values

Customer-orientation is in the core of all our operations

We collaborate closely with our customers and always aim to find the optimal solution for them.

Collaboration has been the driving force throughout Okmetic’s history

We collaborate closely both in-house and with our customers as well as other stakeholders, such as research institutions.

Expertise is our most important competitive factor

The significance of expertise can not be overemphasized in the global semiconductor market. For this reason, we are heavily focused on improving the expertise of our personnel.

We have become the technological leader for advanced silicon wafers thanks to continuous development

Continuous development of our operations is a key factor why our operations have remained profitable, high-quality and sustainable year after year.