Sales and technical support

With us, you play a significant role in building global technological development. While working with our client companies, you get a unique opportunity to peek into the future. The solutions you work with may not appear on consumer markets for several years. Are you a top-notch professional ready to drive innovation and build a better tomorrow?


Future innovations are built together with our customers

Semiconductors are an essential part of our everyday lives, and we use silicon wafer-enabled products daily, such as smartphones, portable devices, and car electronics. The world around us is built on silicon, enabling future solutions for greener energy, advancing human well-being, and even developing quantum and space technology.

We provide the world’s leading technology companies with advanced and tailored silicon wafers in significant volumes – each batch is tailored to meet the product, process, and technology needs of the customer.

Our sales team, customer support engineers, and product development researchers work seamlessly together to offer our customers the best possible customer experience. In addition to high-quality silicon wafers, we offer top-notch service to our customers.

It’s crystal clear – we are looking for talent

At Okmetic, we grow and succeed together. In customer-facing roles, we operate in teams where a sales manager, along with a technical customer support expert, always takes responsibility for the account.

A proven track record in sales or a technical background provides an advantage in sales roles, as does insight into the semiconductor industry. However, industry experience is not the most important criterion. We invest in your development and growth, whether it is professional or personal. The most important thing is that you want to learn new things, be part of global technological development, and offer our customers the best possible outcome.

We require our technical customer support experts to have a strong technical understanding and background. In your work, you will get to solve our customers’ challenges and also influence Okmetic’s R&D and product development by providing them with valuable market signals.

Our people are the heart of our technology

At Okmetic, people come first. We value each individual’s unique strengths and foster a collaborative, open environment. Everyone’s voice is heard and contributes to our common goals.

Your growth, both professionally and personally, is our priority. A people-oriented operating culture is sustained through value-based leadership and coaching. In line with our principles, we will guide you towards achieving your goals and provide support at every step of your journey to becoming a professional.

We also understand that life is ever-changing, so we offer flexibility and support. Whether it is remote work options, flexible schedules, or extended time off, we will help you find the perfect work-life balance.

Join our team and become part of the industry’s top talents

  • Diverse tasks and continuous development: Your job will be challenging, diverse, and allow you to develop professionally. Okmetic is a global market leader in the supply of advanced and tailored silicon wafers, and our customers have an aspiration to develop new future innovations.
  • Every encounter with a customer is important to us: We do our best to ensure a high-class customer experience by listening and understanding to their needs. It is crucial for us to keep our promises in terms of the high quality of our products and operations.
  • Okmetic is globally close to the customer: We have a worldwide sales network and a broad research and cooperation network. If desired, you will have the opportunity to travel around the world.
  • Your well-being is important to us. We strongly value our employees, recognizing that each person plays an important role in our success. In addition to occupational healthcare services, we offer recreational activities, a company bike benefit, a culture and exercise benefit, and assistance with caring for a sick child. We even have our own gym.

Join us on our journey

By 2025, we will complete a fab expansion that is expected to double the production capacity and business and create over 500 new jobs.

Despite fluctuations in demand, we are a stable and reliable employer. Thanks to long-term contracts, a diverse product portfolio and accurate demand forecasting, we have successfully avoided workforce adjustments for over a decade.