Semiconductor Professionals

Step into the future of technology development with Okmetic. We are the leading professionals in silicon wafer engineering, the foundation of environmental, safety, and health technology solutions. Are you a top-notch professional ready to drive innovation and build a better tomorrow?

The world around us is built on silicon

Silicon wafers form the foundation for semiconductors, which power our everyday lives through smartphones, portable devices, wireless networks, and more. But silicon’s impact goes beyond consumer electronics – it is essential for future solutions in green energy, human well-being, and even quantum and space technology. You will be at the forefront of global technological development, helping to create a smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient future.

At Okmetic, we focus on advanced and tailored silicon wafers that require expertise in high-tech semiconductor processes. Our customers’ material technology and specific requirements demand continuous product and process development. Each stage of engineering, development, and manufacturing requires specialized competence, from data analytics to plant automation, and from quality assurance to precision measurement.

Our people are the heart of our technology

At Okmetic, people come first. We value each individual’s unique strengths and foster a collaborative, open environment. Everyone’s voice is heard and contributes to our common goals.

Your growth, both professionally and personally, is our priority. A people-oriented operating culture will be sustained by value-based leadership and coaching. In line with our principles, we will guide you towards achieving your goals and provide support at every step of your journey to becoming a professional.

We also understand that life is ever-changing, so we offer flexibility and support. Whether it’s remote work options, flexible schedules, or extended time off, we will help you find the perfect work-life balance.

It’s crystal clear – we are looking for talents

As a technology leader, we are continuously looking for talents to join our team. You don’t need to be an expert in crystal growing, lithography, or thin films to join us – we will help you become one. Our experienced professionals and supervisors will support you, building unique and globally recognised competence tailored to your strengths and professional needs.

We offer you opportunities to grow and develop. Even experienced professionals continuously learn new things as we develop products and manufacturing methods together with our customers and in close cooperation with R&D facilities. At Okmetic, you have the chance to learn extensively about the silicon wafer engineering and manufacturing process.

A role that combines creativity with systematic thinking

Don’t just take our word for it – let’s hear it from one of our Process Development Engineers. If you ask Jonne Vähänissi what is the best thing about his job, he answers without hesitation: “My amazing colleagues and their unwavering positive attitude! At Okmetic, we genuinely care about each other and selflessly help one another”.

Join our team and become part of the industry’s top talents

  • Discover the opportunities for fuelling your career growth. Join our team, where industry professionals and recent graduates thrive together. Peer learning is encouraged, and our experienced colleagues are always ready to share their knowledge.
  • Not only do we excel on a global scale, but we also have unique expertise from crystal growing to wafer inspection. Quality is at the core of everything we do. Managing the big picture requires data processing, analysis, and the ability to make informed decisions based on data.
  • Your wellbeing is important to us. We strongly value our employees, recognizing that each person plays an important role in our success. In addition to occupational healthcare services, we offer recreational activities, a company bike benefit, a culture and exercise benefit, and assistance with caring for a sick child. We even have our own gym.

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Join us on our journey

By 2025, we will complete a fab expansion that is expected to double the production capacity and business and create over 500 new jobs.

Despite fluctuations in demand, we are a stable and reliable employer. Thanks to long-term contracts, a diverse product portfolio and accurate demand forecasting, we have successfully avoided workforce adjustments for over a decade.