Heikki Holmberg Vuoden Alumni

Heikki Holmberg from Okmetic has been selected as Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering Alumnus of the Year 

Heikki Holmberg, Okmetic’s Senior Technology Development Manager, has been selected as Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering’s Alumnus of the Year 2023. Heikki graduated as a Master of Science (Technology) at the Electrical Department of the Helsinki University of Technology, the predecessor of Aalto University, in 2002. He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2008. The Alumnus of the Year award was presented to Heikki on Saturday 28.10.2023 at the Aalto Alumni Weekend seminar in Otaniemi. 

Personnel, alumnus and students at Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering were able to propose the alumnus of the year during the spring and summer. The management team considered in their discussion Heikki’s great cooperation with the school and his role in bringing the semiconductor industry to the fore to be significant for the selection. “Heikki Holmberg knows the importance of cooperation between companies and the university, and he has coordinated the cooperation with our school in the Semi-Summer 2023 program and in highlighting the semiconductor industry in general. His work in his field is a great example for our students who are choosing their own study and career paths’, says Jussi Ryynänen, Dean of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. 

Heikki’s interest in the semiconductor industry was sparked already in the early days of his studies, and at the latest after the Basics of Semiconductor Industry course, it was clear that his future would lie in the field. Heikki describes the field as interesting, international and cross-disciplinary. The field combines materials physics, electro physics and chemistry. “The semiconductor industry is the industry of the future.” Heikki sums up. 

Heikki has networked with other companies operating in the semiconductor industry in Finland and is an active member of several cooperation forums. “It is important that we cooperate with different companies in Finland to develop and advance the semiconductor industry. In this way, we will also be stronger at EU level. Okmetic has worked closely with Murata, Vaisala, Picosun and Kyocera for several years.” Heikki says. “Finland will need a significant number of new experts in the future, which is why cooperation with educational institutions is also important. The sector currently employs approximately 5,000 people in Finland, but the goal is to employ 20,000 people by 2032.” Heikki continues. 

Heikki has also brought a lot of technological know-how and semiconductor industry experience to Okmetic. He himself says that his most significant achievements are projects related to the expansion of the patterning line and the development and launch of a new product (UF-RFSi™, Ultra Flat Radio Frequency Silicon Wafer), as well as the fact that most of the applications for EU support for various projects have received a positive decision. “Heikki’s expertise and energy have enabled Okmetic to react effectively to big opportunities and the challenges they contain. For this, a big thank you to Heikki and warm congratulations on a significant achievement on behalf of the entire Okmetic,” says Atte Haapalinna, CTO of Okmetic. 

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