New strategy outlines growth opportunities for Finnish semiconductor industry

The Finnish semiconductor industry is growing rapidly and is poised to triple its turnover to EUR 5–6 billion and expand its workforce to 20,000 by 2035.

Semiconductor Branch Group at Technology Industries of Finland has launched ‘Chips from the North’ industry’s strategy to support this growth.

Strategy encourages businesses and the government to invest in education, attract international talent and investments, and enhance research and development within the sector. The strategy outlines six pivotal areas for expansion in the Finnish semiconductor industry:

✔ chip design

✔ microelectromechanical systems and sensor technology

✔ photonics

✔ quantum technologies

✔ advanced materials

✔ sustainable process technologies.

”This strategy gives excellent framework to continue the growth of Finnish semiconductor industry and ecosystem.” says Okmetic’s Research and Development Director Heikki Holmberg.

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Chips from the North – Semiconductor Strategy for Finland

Okmetic is an active player in the Semiconductor Branch Group at Technology Industries of Finland and has been involved in drafting the strategy together with other companies operating in the sector in Finland.