Okmetic invests €40 million in downstream product technology at Vantaa

The silicon wafer manufacturer Okmetic Oy announces a major investment to develop the technical capabilities of its Vantaa plant. The upgrade will enable the plant to manufacture C-SOI wafers and other demanding wafers. The company, which was acquired by the Chinese National Silicon Industry Group (NSIG) last year, has committed €40 million to the development of the Vantaa plant.

The investment will enable the company to take its development of silicon wafers to a new level, while the investment in wafer processing will bring additional production know-how to Okmetic’s Vantaa plant. As a result, the company will be able to provide more complex and advanced wafer structures and a platform for the development of new high-performance technological applications.

Okmetic supplies its global customers with tailored, high value-added silicon wafers to be used in the manufacture of sensors, discrete semiconductors and analog circuits. The company’s strategy is to focus on wafers requiring high technological expertise, such as the SOI product family and specialized wafers in 150–200 mm diameter. The production line of the new factory building will primarily focus on processed C-SOI wafers with built-in customer-specific cavity structures. As a result of the investment, these new advanced wafers will be manufactured from start to finish at Vantaa.

Okmetic’s sensor wafers enable the manufacture of the most advanced MEMS components. These products are used in growing electronics sectors, which include automotive and healthcare applications, smart wristbands, smartphones and tablets. One of the main drivers of growth in the sensor industry is the Internet of Things (IoT), which utilizes sensor-provided data in device-to-device communication.

“This is a major commitment to create new capabilities both in products and production. As a result of the investment in technology, increasingly advanced wafers for various technological applications can be manufactured centrally. The investment will strengthen Okmetic’s standing as a leading wafer supplier for the sensor industry and reinforce our product supply chain,” says Okmetic’s President Kai Seikku.

Construction work at the Vantaa plant will start in spring 2017. The new production line will also create new employment opportunities. White-collar recruitment will start already this spring, and production workers will be recruited next year. The plant expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

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