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Okmetic is developing next generation optical MEMS in a research project

Okmetic is a partner in Lab4MEMS ll, a research project launched by the European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC) Joint Undertaking (JU), a public-private partnership in nanoelectronics. The project is an extension to the Lab4MEMS project, which Okmetic also participates.

Lab4MEMS ll focuses on Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) that merge MEMS with Micro-optics to sense or manipulate optical signals using integrated mechanical, optical, and electrical systems. During the project, a variety of devices are being designed, fabricated, and tested, including optical switches, arrays of micro-mirrors, optical cross-connects, lasers, and micro lenses using micro-optics and standard micromachining technologies to miniaturize and build advanced optical systems.
The original Lab4MEMS project maintains its emphasis on developing a pilot line for next-generation MEMS devices augmented with such advanced technologies as piezoelectric or magnetic materials and 3D packaging.

Lab4MEMS ll is a 26 million euro (30 million USD) project with 20 industrial, academic and research partners from nine European countries. STMicroelectronics coordinates the project. Other partners include Murata Electronics, VTT and Aalto University, among others. The project is a Key Enabling Technology (KET) Pilot-Line project to develop technologies and application areas with substantial societal impact.

Lab4MEMS ll project website (link is external)