Okmetic is making efforts to minimize COVID-19’s effect on its operations

Okmetic has been assessing the COVID-19’s effect on the company’s wafer supply, raw material availability, personnel etc. as part of the company’s Business Continuity Planning ever since the outbreak began. The virus has quickly spread across the world and it is very likely to have some kind of an effect on everyone’s operations.

We are assessing the virus’ effect on our supply chain and suppliers on a daily basis and below we have listed our risk analysis for most important factors related to Business Continuity:

Raw materials:

Okmetic Vantaa plant’s raw materials and production articles are currently not affected by the COVID-19. The company has alternative suppliers for its raw materials and production articles and all materials in stock for months ahead. COVID-19’s direct effect on materials is thus slim and we don’t expect it to cause any interruptions to our operations.


At the moment COVID-19’s effect on equipment has been minimal and hasn’t had negative effect on our capacity. The assembly of some new equipment have been postponed and in the future also equipment supplier support could be affected.


Airlines across the world are having flight restrictions and also ports have been closed, but in general, goods are still moving. Okmetic is using forwarder partners and has been able to ship all of its processed orders without any problems. We will continue to co-operate with our forwarder partners to secure sufficient amount of freight capacity at all situations.


Okmetic is making several efforts to secure the health of its employees and sufficient amount of employees at all situations.  Okmetic as well as the Finnish government has restricted free moving of people to minimize the spread of the virus. Clerical workers are working remotely at all Okmetic offices and enhanced cleaning of Vantaa site premises is done to prevent the spread of the virus among blue-collar workers to name but a few. Okmetic has also given health care guidance to prepare its employees for a possible infection and to prevent the virus from spreading.   

We are doing everything we can to minimize the risk of COVID-19 affecting our Business Continuity by following the situation and its development closely and making necessary changes and back-up plans for different scenarios. Currently the situation is good and is not affecting our production.   

Anna-Riikka Vuorikari-Antikainen
Chief Commercial Officer