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Okmetic supplied Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers for research purposes

Okmetic supplied Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers for a research cooperation with Aalto University

The most recent collaboration concerns a study made by two of Aalto University’s researchers, Jori Lemettinen and Sami Suihkonen. They researched the MOVPE growth of Gallium Nitride (GaN) on 6 inch Silicon on Insulator (SOI) substrates and the effect of the substrate parameters on layer quality and strain. The results they obtained are very interesting and highly promising.

The research is very current as there has been increased attention within the field on the use of GaN on silicon for power electronics devices, such as rectifier diodes and high electron mobility transistors in particular.

The results confirm that GaN on SOI is a promising platform for power electronics applications.

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