Petri Santala speaking Latest development in silicon substrates for RF devices at Semicon West 2023

Okmetic Senior Manager, Technical Support, Petri Santala, will be giving a speech at Semicon West to be held on July 11-13, 2023 in San Francisco, USA. He will be speaking about the Latest Development in Silicon Substrates for RF Devices in the Enabling New Products with Advanced Substrates session and also acting as a panelist in the same session.

5G and the wider bands, lower latency, greater connectivity and higher frequencies are setting new performance standards for RF filters and other RF devices (IPDs, switches, amplifiers, antenna tuners, etc.). And this is why new characteristics is expected from the substrates as well. Mr. Santala’s speech will be covering three main topics.

  1. Engineered Ultra High Resistivity wafers combining over 10 kOhm-cm resistivity with highly efficient trap-rich layer enabling close to zero substrate-induced losses needed in filter designs, like TF-SAW or BAW, or IPD devices.
  2. High resistivity silicon wafers with suspended low-loss structures meeting the mm wave device needs.
  3. Power management in RF world using typically thick <111> oriented high resistivity wafers as a platform for GaN-on-Si applications.

Semicon West is one of the key events of the year. This year the event is focusing on Building a Path Forward for the global semiconductor industry’s drive to $1 trillion and net zero. Semicon West 2023 will gather industry experts and leaders for insights into the latest trends and innovations in sustainability, supply chain management, workforce development and other critical industry issues.

Link for registration can be found here.