Tale of a silicon wafer

The silicon wafer makes the world go round

Nearly all of us use silicon wafer-based electronics on a daily basis. The silicon wafer provides the platform for various micro components that are used in equipment such as smartphones and other mobile devices, games consoles, cars and medical devices.

Manufacturing to customer specifications

The most important quality criterion is purity, and that is why major part of Okmetic’s wafer manufacturing process takes place in a cleanroom. The raw material is polysilicon, which is refined from quartz sand by removing 99.999999999% of other elements present.

The manufacturing process starts with crystal-growing, which involves growing a cylindrical single crystal out of a seed crystal of melted polysilicon. The finished crystal is then cut, polished and sawn into wafers according to the customer’s specifications. The strength, thickness and surface uniformity of each wafer is ensured by mechanical and chemical processing.

The finishing stage often involves various upgrades. Finally, the wafers are inspected, packaged and dispatched for use as raw materials in our customers’ processes.

Thousands of components from a single wafer

Okmetic's customers manufacture components onto or inside our silicon wafers by mechanical and chemical methods. After testing, the wafers are cut into pieces, and a single wafer can be turned into hundreds or even tens of thousands of components. The finished components are packaged ready to be installed into modules or end-products.