Okmetic as an employer

Okmetic offers inspiring and challenging job opportunities as well as excellent career possibilities in the high-tech world of silicon wafer manufacturing. A great variety of career opportunities exist for individuals from different backgrounds – with areas ranging from production, research and development, sales and finance to support functions. There are exciting challenges for new graduates and seasoned professionals alike.

In 2017, Okmetic employed on average 386 people, of which 376 worked in Vantaa, Finland. White-collar employees accounted for 36% and blue-collar employees for 64% of the personnel. The share of women was 27% and the share of men 73%. The average age of Okmetic’s employees was 44 years.

Okmetic has for many years systematically worked to improve the competencies and wellbeing of its employees, since people are the most important asset in implementing the company’s strategy.

Okmetic is a member of the Federetion of Finnish Technology Industries and the remuneration of all personnel groups is based on the skills required in each position.  In addition, all employee groups at Okmetic are eligible for an incentive scheme. The blue-collar employees’ possible production bonuses are paid monthly according to the achievement of set targets. White-collar employees are subject to a profit-sharing scheme, which is based on annual targets set by the board of directors relating to the group’s profitability, financial situation, and operative performance.