Sales and customer support

Our worldwide sales and service network is designed to guarantee quick expert response. Okmetic has operations in Finland, Germany, United States, Japan and China, in addition to which our network of agents is at your service in Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Reguest for quotation:

Please contact our regional sales personnel [at]
sales.japan [at]
sales.europe [at]
sales.usa [at]

Technical customer support:

Like all Okmetic’s operations, our technical support places emphasis on comprehensive service and long-term relationships. Okmetic technical support team has long experience in the development of silicon material solutions as well as extensive know-how of wafer performance requirements in a wide range of applications and technologies.

Our support team provides technical expertise and assistance to customers in material development and throughout the customer's product life cycle. Technical co-operation spanning from design phase to volume production creates new platforms for the development of next generation devices.

Technical questions: [at]

Sales invoices and payments:

payment.advice [at]