Research and development

Working together with customers

In cooperation with its customers, Okmetic develops innovative technology solutions to create high value-added products and manufacturing processes that match value to customer needs.

The focus of Okmetic’s R&D activities is on technology development for advanced crystal growing, specialized wafering process and in-house processes for wafer patterning and Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE). This enables Okmetic to provide custom designed Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) substrates, even with embedded customer-specific structures, manufactured under one roof at the Vantaa plant.

From innovation idea into a product

Once the solutions have evolved into prototypes, they are introduced into Okmetic’s in-house development process.In product development ideas and prototypes are processed into products that are fit for volume production. The process development ensures that our manufacturing processes continue to offer high performance and cost-effectiveness.

During 2019, the company continued to further improve its specialized wafer products, focusing especially on custom SOI and 200 mm wafer substrates for special applications. The specialty wafers include High Voltage SOI wafers, substrates for high voltage power devices (IGBT), advanced Cavity SOI (C-SOI®) wafers for new sensor applications, and high resistivity silicon wafers for radio frequency (RF) applications. In addition to continued process and product development in crystal growing and wafering processes, Okmetic established in-house processes for wafer patterning and DRIE etching that is an integral part of Cavity SOI manufacturing process at the Vantaa plant. 

Research collaboration

In 2019, long-term research into silicon material with Finnish and international universities and research institutions continued. The company also participated in a number of national and EU-funded technology projects together with VTT Technical Research Centre, Aalto University in Finland and various European semiconductor companies. One area with special focus placed on was the research and development aimed at improving the fusion bond interface and its characterization. Okmetic joined and participated in several R&D project consortia, some of which are making great strides in telecommunications infrastructure (5G), while others contribute to future autonomous driving technologies (ADAS). Okmetic also participated actively in member events organised by associations in the sensor and semiconductor industries.