Production and subcontracting

Okmetic headquarters and production site located in Finland focus on crystal growing and value-added silicon wafers. In addition, Okmetic uses long-term subcontracting partners in Asia to respond better to dynamic market and demand situations.

The Vantaa plant in Finland focuses on crystal growing and production of 150 to 200 mm high value-added silicon wafers such as SOI wafers with and without cavities, high resistivity RFSi® wafers and Patterned wafers. Our decades long expertise in crystal growth, wafering, and Silicon On Insulators and in-house capabilities for lithographic patterning and deep reactive-ion etching guarantee the optimal platform for the manufacture of even the most advanced of devices. Our production and operations are based on high quality and sustainability.

The Vantaa plant focuses on crystal growing and production of 150 to 200mm high value-added silicon wafers

In line with its growth strategy, Okmetic announced in May 2022 that it will invest 400 million euro for a fab expansion in its Vantaa site. The fab expansion will be focusing on 200 mm wafers and it will more than double Okmetic’s capacity as of 2025. Between 2017 and 2021, Okmetic has invested over 100 MEUR for the Vantaa site to increase production capacity of high value-added 200 mm wafers, SOI wafers, Patterned wafers, High Resistivity RFSi® wafers and Power wafers.

Fab lite model secures enough capacity

In addition to own production capacity, Okmetic also uses long-term subcontracting partners in Asia to secure capacity for its customers in dynamic market and demand situations. This so-called fab-lite model has been an important part of Okmetic’s production strategy since 2004. It enables more flexible operations and enables Okmetic to offer additional SSP capacity in changing market and demand situations. In this model, all crystals are grown in Vantaa but part of the 150-200 mm SSP wafering is outsourced for additional capacity.

Okmetic uses long-term subcontracting partners to secure enough capacity for customers in dynamic market and demand situations

Similarly to the products that are produced entirely at the Vantaa plant, Okmetic offers full support for subcontracted wafers. Okmetic is in charge of the whole process including partnership, project and quality management, customer technical support as well as order and delivery. Okmetic guarantees the quality of the outsourced wafers and services. Okmetic has long-term contracts with all of its fab-lite partners. The partners have been tested thoroughly and are audited regularly. Our fab-lite partners hold all relevant quality and environmental certificates.

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