SilTerra Malaysia’s new manufacturing technology for MEMS and Photonics devices uses C-SOI® wafers as a platform

Okmetic is proud to support SilTerra Malaysia’s new manufacturing technology for microelectromechanical systems (“MEMS”) and Photonics devices with its Cavity Silicon-On-Insulator (“C-SOI®”) wafers. C-SOI® wafers are customised for SilTerra’s needs and suitable for applications in piezosensor, micromirror, accelerometer, microphone, inertial MEMS, resonator and microfluidic devices across such vertical markets as consumer, medical, industrial and automotive for the frequency range of 500kHz or below. The technology can also be used to build sensors that use MEMS-based actuation and Photonic-based sensing.

C-SOI® substrates have embedded large cavity dimensions with improved and repeatable yields, and SilTerra has successfully integrated and qualified the MEMS and Photonics process modular blocks on the C-SOI® substrates. In essence, with the technology SilTerra can offer precise, high yield and faster time to market MEMS and Photonics devices fabrication to customers. Read more from SilTerra’s press release(link is external)