DSP wafers

Double Side Polished wafers to customers' unique specifications

Our Double Side Polished (DSP) wafers are tailored to meet the customer’s process and product specific requirements. Being a pioneer as a tailored silicon wafer supplier for demanding applications, Okmetic has been developing DSP wafers since 1985.

DSP wafers make an excellent platform for double-sided litography. Okmetic’s extensive experience and know-how ensures that our DSP wafers have very good thickness uniformity and orientation accuracy, and first-rate crystal quality and homogeneity.

Okmetic also supplies thin DSP wafers that are optimized for fast processing and cap wafers for anodic, eutectic, fusion and glass frit bonding as well as bulk-optimized wafers for alkali etching (e.g. KOH, TMAH). In capping, Okmetic’s wafers enable excellent bonding strength and hermetic sealing of MEMS structures. Wafers optimized for bulk micromachining ensure high accuracy of the sensing elements, stable quality and effective processing.   

DSP wafer specifications

Growth method
Cz, MCz
150, 200 mm
Crystal orientation
<100>, <110>, <111>, off-oriented
N type dopants
arsenic, phosphorus, red phosphorus
P type dopants
<1,mOhm-cm up to over 5,000 Ohm-cm
300->1,000 µm
Thickness tolerance
±5 µm  (±3 µm for demanding applications)
<1 µm
Orientation accuracy
±.2°  (±.1°)