Processing work at Okmetic

Work shifts

Okmetic operates an uninterrupted silicon wafer manufacturing process, which requires three shifts. Production staff work in either twelve-hour or eight-hour shifts. Shift work allows a larger number of consecutive days off, which makes it easier to plan the rest of one’s time since the shifts are known up to years in advance. There may be some changes to shifts due to changes in production or training courses, but staff will be notified of any such changes in good time.

The shift patterns are:

Twelve-hour shift: two morning shifts (7 am–7 pm), one day off, two night shifts (7 pm–7 am), five days off

Eight-hour shift: two morning shifts (7 am–3 pm), two evening shifts (3 pm–11 pm), two night shifts (11 pm–7 am), four days off


Okmetic is a member of Technology Industries of Finland, and employment relationships are governed by that organisation’s collective agreement. Salaries are calculated based on the complexity of the tasks involved, the employee’s personal performance as well as allowances, which are mainly related to shift work. Based on their work performance, employees can earn an increase of between five and 26 percent on their personal graded salary. In addition, Okmetic operates a bonus scheme for performance based on achieving the production targets. Production workers are paid twice a month.

Occupational wellbeing and staff benefits

Okmetic can grow and thrive only if its employees remain motivated and content at work. According to occupational welfare studies, our employees are satisfied with their jobs and also stay with the company for a long time, over 10 years on average. We are also one of the few industrial companies that has not temporarily laid off or terminated the contracts of employees for production-related reasons in the 2010's. We do not use agency-hired labor.   

Okmetic’s employees have access to extensive occupational health services and in recent years the company has invested in the further development of work ergonomics in particular. We also promote staff wellbeing by initiatives such as recreational activities and vouchers for cultural and sporting events and services. The company also has its own gym for employees and their family members.

Induction and professional development

Every new employee is given a thorough induction to the workplace and their tasks. New production employees are supported through a job guidance program based on requirements related to quality, the environment and safety in industrial work and in the performance of the employee’s particular tasks.

We systematically develop employee know-how and range of skills through internal and external training events. Each employee’s professional development is supported by annual development discussions and subsequent task-specific training courses. Continuous training strengthens employees’ personal qualifications, while also ensuring that Okmetic can retain and develop expertise in process development.