UF-RFSi® - Ultra Flat High Resistivity Silicon Wafer

UF-RFSi® is engineered low loss wafer with ultra flat properties for demanding applications e.g. TF-SAW

  • Low loss Engineered High Resistivity wafer with Ultra Flat properties
  • Very low TTV (below 700nm) and non-circular symmetry variation
  • Optional highly efficient parasitic suppression layer on top of the wafer
  • Offered in 150 and 200 mm wafer size
  • Suitable for more demanding applications e.g. Thin Film SAW

Significant reduction in investments

More efficient planarization of active layer with less trimming steps required when using
UF-RFSi® wafer in bond and grind back process

Technical performance

Improved performance is achieved with more efficient planarization of active layer in addition to stable resistivity, low insertion loss, and superior linearity performance.

Freedom of design

UF-RFSi® can be customized for customer design (crystal and flat orientations) enabling optimized configurations or new wave modes to be used in Thin Film SAW devices

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