Okmetic is now one of Finland's 500 largest companies

Every year, the Talouselämä magazine lists Finland's largest companies based on net sales and collects information on the growth and profitability of companies. In the 2020 survey, Okmetic became one of Finland's 500 largest companies with a ranking of 500th.

Okmetic has grown steadily and, based on market forecasts, the development looks positive in the near future. The investment program of over 100 million euro, which started in 2017, has been visible at the Vantaa plant as a significant increase in the production capacity of silicon wafers and the completion of a new patterning line, among other things.

The overall growth of the semiconductor sector is driven by, for example, an increase in consumer and automotive electronics, various solutions for improving power supply, and 5G and related radio frequency applications.