Okmetic participates in an EU project in which AI is utilized to improve the reliability of electronics

Okmetic participates in many EU-funded technology projects together with several European research institutes, universities and semiconductor companies. In the Intelligence reliability 4.0 (iRel40) project, Okmetic is involved in developing the reliability of electronic components and systems by using artificial intelligence. 

The goal of the iRel40 project is to improve the reliability of electronics by reducing failure rates along the entire value chain, from silicon crystal growing to product modules. In this way, you can affect the quality and lifespan of end products, and eventually the more sustainable use of our natural resources. Okmetic is the only silicon wafer manufacturer in the project to represent the beginning of the value chain. 

– The idea of the project is that we utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve process controls. In this way, we notice the problems that would otherwise end up on the customer side, says Heikki Holmberg, Okmetic's Senior Technology Manager. 

– In the car industry, for example, there is a Europe-wide goal of achieving even higher level of reliability, he continues.

The iRel40 project has 75 partners from 13 countries and is coordinated by Infineon Technologies AG Germany. The project focuses on the automotive industry, but other industries are also represented – with the aim of promoting energy efficiency, e-mobility, autonomous driving and the Internet of Things. 

The iRel40 project was launched in May last year and will run for three years. 

Read more about the iRel40 project on site: www.irel40.eu