Okmetic’s corporate social responsibility report 2020 has been published

By developing new technological solutions, Okmetic is participating in world-changing mega trends. We want to do our part in making the future development positive, and for this reason, we are developing our operations with a particular focus on targets related to responsibility. Every year, we publish a corporate social responsibility report, in which we outline our responsibility efforts. The 2020 report has now been published in an even broader version.

Okmetic’s corporate social responsibility report 2020 outlines the most central aspects and impacts of responsibility in our operations, as well as ways to improve corporate responsibility in various areas. We have adopted The Responsible Business Alliance’s (RBA) Code of Conduct as guidelines for socially responsible operations. This Code of Conduct categorizes social responsibility as follows: 

  • responsibility for personnel
  • responsibility for occupational safety and health
  • environmental policy
  • business ethics and 
  • management system. 

Read Okmetic’s corporate social responsibility report 2020

The report is published in Finnish and in English as a pdf document on our website. The next report will be published in early 2022.