Okmetic uses many types of quality tools, e.g. data-based tools

Quality tools

Statistical process control (SPC) is a central practice in the quality control of our production processes. Additionally, we utilize data analytics, artificial intelligence, as well as Six Sigma and Lean practices. The principles of 5S are also applied to all our operations.

Statistical process control (SPC)

Statistical process control enables us to identify any changes in the manufacturing process before they manage to affect the quality of the end-product. This consequently enables a stable and uniform mass production of silicon wafers.

Artificial intelligence at Okmetic

Data analytics and artificial intelligence

We are constantly gathering massive amounts of data from our silicon wafer production, which we then utilize in both quality control and process development. Artificial intelligence helps us utilize the data even further.

Okmetic utilizes Lean Six Sigma -method

Lean Six Sigma

Most Okmetic’s experts have received Lean Six Sigma training. Six Sigma and Lean practices are used daily to improve our manufacturing processes and technology. Understanding the root causes of problems and phenomena is the key factor in systematic improvement of processes.


Okmetic has been working for years to promote the principles of 5S in the operations of the entire organization: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuken; or in English: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

Gemba walk

We also use Gemba walk in our quality control. It involves listening to workers and inspecting their work – especially any potential obstacles – where the operations are carried out. The focus is on smooth work and development targets. During the inspection, we also have an opportunity to assess the 5S situation and variations of the processes.