Our goal is zero accidents

Maintaining the personnel’s occupational health and safety is Okmetic’s primary target. We constantly aim to grow the number of safety-related observations and increase safety awareness.

We aim to avoid as many accidents as possible by keeping the risk assessment of production up-to-date and the personnel aware of safety requirements. We constantly monitor the safety status at different levels of operations, and the occupational safety committee performs scheduled safety checks in the working spaces.

We encourage our employees to report any accidents and close calls so that we can examine and investigate them as soon as possible. Additionally, we gather observations of events that did not lead to a dangerous situation all the way.

We are well prepared for emergencies. The responsibilities of occupational safety are defined clearly in each office, and occupational safety training is a part of each employee’s induction program. We regularly arrange drills according to emergency plans.

We monitor occupational health on a quarterly basis together with the service provider.

We heavily support the occupational health services for our personnel. We have especially focused on preventing musculoskeletal disorders by carrying out ergonomics studies and improving ergonomics both in production and office environment. Recently, we have focused on operations in accordance with the early support model and management of mental work capacity.