We want to be a good and reliable employer

We heavily focus on improving the expertise and motivation of our personnel. Occupational wellbeing is a strategic development target at Okmetic.

The demand for Okmetic’s silicon wafers has been increasing for several years, which has reflected as a need for more personnel. We have recruited more professionals for various tasks in recent years and will continue to recruit more.

Despite fluctuations in the demand, we want to provide a stable workplace for our personnel. Due to long delivery contracts, versatile product range, and anticipation of demand, we have managed to avoid personnel adjustment measures for over a decade.

We aim to provide our personnel great growth opportunities. We pay particular attention to induction and encourage active learning at work. All our personnel groups receive encouraging pay, which is always based on the complexity of the work tasks.

The average length of employment at Okmetic is around 10 years.

We have defined a set of objectives for promoting occupational wellbeing, which we have strived to improve over a longer period of time. We focus on maintaining a great team spirit through various means. This can be seen through, for example, long employment periods.

We regularly collaborate with personnel representatives and develop new collaboration models as our working environment improves. The employees have the right to join and form trade unions.

Me Okmeticilla kunnioitamme henkilöstöä

We respect our employees

We are committed to respecting the human rights of our employees. We do not tolerate any inappropriate or discriminatory behavior, discrimination or inhuman treatment.

Huomioimme Okmeticilla kultuuriset tekijät

We acknowledge cultural factors

We acknowledge requirements based on the norms and culture of different countries in our personnel work. We regularly arrange collaborative meetings with personnel representatives.

Okmeticilla käytössä on palautekanava

We take feedback on our operations seriously

The personnel can offer us anonymous feedback on company matters through our feedback channel. They can also use it to ask questions or provide suggestions.