Artificial intelligence at Okmetic

Artificial intelligence at Okmetic

We are constantly gathering massive amounts of data from our silicon wafer production, which we then utilize in both quality control and process development. Artificial intelligence helps us utilize the data even further.

We utilize the data gathered from our production to identify quality deviations and improve processes. First, we have to refine it into process monitors, indicators and other useful forms. Multivariate data gathered from our production helps us optimize production.

The development of artificial intelligence makes it possible to utilize data in new ways.

The novel ways in which the artificial intelligence enables us to utilize data include identification of error patterns and connecting them to process diagnostics, as well as preventative detection of equipment problems in real time based on the data gathered from the equipment.

At the moment, we are utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve process control as a part of the Intelligence reliability 4.0 (iRel40) project. This helps us trace problems that would otherwise reach customers.