Okmetic appoints Vesa-Pekka Lempinen Chief Quality Officer making quality the highest priority

Vesa-Pekka Lempinen, M. Sc. (Tech) in Materials Physics, is appointed Chief Quality Officer (CQO) and member of the Okmetic Executive Management Group as part of organizational redesign putting added focus on quality. The organizational redesign is done to meet the customer needs better and faster and to increase operational efficiency. Okmetic’s strategy aims at growing share from the leading companies of the semiconductor market in demanding value-added silicon substrates.

“Quality is of utmost importance and it will receive more attention through the new CQO role. With the enhanced focus, quality will be placed in an even more central role in the daily work as from this moment forward a large number of the company’s engineers will focus on quality, data and measurement systems and their development. This change will have a positive effect on overall product performance, quality, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.” reasons Okmetic’s President and CEO Kai Seikku Mr. Lempinen’s appointment.

In the redesigned organization coming to force in 1 June 2020 CQO Vesa-Pekka Lempinen will be responsible for the company’s process quality, quality and measurement systems as well as quality development. Other members of the Executive Management Group are President and CEO Kai Seikku, CCO Anna-Riikka Vuorikari-Antikainen, CFO Tapio Hyvärinen, CTO Atte Haapalinna, SVP, Supply Chain Jaakko Montonen and SVP, HR and IT Markus Virtanen.

Lempinen’s diverse experience beneficial for quality development

Mr. Lempinen has diverse work experience which has given him holistic view on Okmetic product and process quality as well as customer criteria and expectations. Lempinen has been with the company since year 2000. During these years he has led customer support team for multiple years and held several management positions related to development, wafer process engineering and crystal process engineering. Prior to being appointed CQO, a new function in the Okmetic senior management team, Lempinen worked as VP in charge of Business Productivity.